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Products that are made of liquid malt extract and dried malt extract

Malt extract is a pure extract, made out of ground Barley Malt. All water soluble particles are extracted in a proces in which temperature and time play an important part. Enzymes that are naturally present in the Barley Malt are used to release sugars. Processing conditions may be adjusted to control sweetness, sugar spectrum and enzyme activity of the syrup. Malt extract is manufactured entirely out of natural raw materials without making use of any type of additive.

This is the reason the make-up of the product can vary slightly from batch to batch. The analyses given on these pages are general analyses, often averages from a series of tests.

Malt enhances natural color. Malt turns pasty-looking products into rich and appetizing sales generators.

Malt enhances flavor, naturally. Malt has been a natural flavor enhancer for over 500 years due to its compatibility with almost any ingredient.

Malt can mean more enticing natural texture. If you are looking for a crispy crust or a better texture, Malt is the answer.

Malt can mean extra freshness and stability. When shelf life is important, Malt is important. Talk to our food technologists. They will explain how Malt’s humectancy will provide increased shelf life for baked items.

Take care, of nature!

Since 1982, we have also produced organic Malts from certified organic grains and controlled by SKAL.

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